Biography or autobiography could be one of the possible subtitles of this book. After the story had been written, the pictures made and placed and the actual production could be started, that remained one of my considerations. It has become a book with a face of its own according to me. I have tried to make it ‘my book’ in all aspects, with all its imperfections, twisted thoughts and sidetracks. Harry Flaton, a long time friend who has followed my life as an artist and as a human being and has participated in it, has assisted and sometimes corrected me. I have tried to make my book readable and pure, to avoid false romanticism in order to provide you, the reader, with as complete a picture of Richard Smeets both as a man and an artist. Of course some things I say are charged, always subjective and maybe sometimes even presumptuous. However, I hope you will read the relativity of ’my truth’ with some tolerance and humour. The final chapters of the book present the work I made the last couple of years. The book is accompanied by a DVD with music that Nard Reijnders and Bart Jan Baartmans composed inspired by my painted scores. Among the performers is the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble. The movie on the DVD gives an impression of this project. It is filmed and compiled by Hugo Thomassen. Finally, I would like to thank all people who have made this possible, not in the least all those people who were willing to buy my work when I had only just started and who are, without realizing it perhaps, at the basis of this book, a biography in words and pictures. Richard Smeets Heijen, october 2013
an biography or autobiography of Richard Smeets. with a contents of over 300 pages. Besides easy and pleasant to read the life story -of course till 2012- of Richard Smeets you will find a plentifull presentation of his work and private life. Are yoy intrested in this book and correspondig DVD please contact Richard Smeets.